Thursday, January 19, 2012

For Those You Sent Instead

By Mark Bishop

I would have picked rocks to sing your praise and speak your name
A strong enduring fearless throng
To shake the earth with heaven's song
and every step along life's road your love would be our aim

Or maybe the rivers and oceans could share
running through the world whispering of your peace
Crashing against oppression, raining down your grace
and everywhere we came to drink your love would meet us there

Perhaps the trees could show the way
so tall and proud, casting their beauty to autumn's wind
Even in winters grasp, clothed in white they live again
And every time they gave a breath your would take it away

Instead you picked a fearful mass who knows more deeply thirst and longing
than joy and wholeness, security and belonging
And these you've sent to share your light
to heal the broken and turn back night
We do not deserve such a noble task but it is ours so Lord I ask:
Help me stand upon your rock though trials may come and oceans rage
keep me rooted in your love and let my weakness be your stage.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Chains That Blind

By Mark Bishop

Blinded by my wants
Lost in my desire
An evil king lay siege my heart
His forces never tire

So distorted my vision
So deluded my soul
That I've mistaken for a means
The love given to make me whole

Oh what joy would be mine
If I could see He's love divine
Not a hook I use to catch a fish
Not a genie I ask to grant a wish

For then I could live satisfied
and stand no more on wounded pride
always lose yet ever gain
love instead of casting blame

God my whole life I've been a slave
Savior remove these chains I crave
Rabbi teach me how I can live free
Jesus, please touch my eyes 
I long to see