Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mr. Fix-It

By Mark Bishop

Everyone has got a fix they think will make things right
and everybody has a tick that keeps them up at night
Yes all of us are forced to pick whats we thinks wrong or right

We try our politics but blood is mixed with out champagne
You can pick your president, sure he had a great campaign
but he's just an expert witness in the courthouse of our blame.

Down with the system? Let us throw off all our chains?
Independence, freedom to choose, but no one really gains
instead we lose our sanity the harder we grip these rains

Even our reforms and revolutions
seem like just the evolution of a system that's still dying
while the orphans keep on crying
but still we keep on trying
never asking why it's always some one else that gets thrown under the bus.

What is our solution if the problem lies in us?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Only Way Forward

By Mark Bishop

This is for those who are still holding back
Afraid giving everything means they will lack

This is for those who won't make their faith action
Whose world is at war but they can't choose a faction

Acquitted by Christ but still stuck in the courtroom
In love with a stranger but wed to the bridegroom

Oh come lay it down at the foot of the cross
for your faith is of gold but your idols of dross

Oh come lay it down at the throne of the lamb
your choice has been made you cannot leave his hand

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Rise Up (Happy Easter)

 By Mark Bishop

Rise up oh people cloth yourselves and bring gold to your King
Rise up masses this is a day when we shall dance and sing

Rise up helpless be at peace for we are safely in his hand
Rise up guilty be forgiven for your charges cannot stand

Rise up faithless for He keeps his promises, every one
Rise up sinners hide no more for he has sent his son

Rise up wretches come rejoice you are no longer lost
For Christ our Lord has risen and He paid the final cost

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Staring At The Sun

By Mark Bishop

From Staring at the sun I fear I've chard my eyes
I don't think I can recognize love without the lust.

No I can't see beauty anymore, I've made my home on a
distant shore. And stare intently evermore into the bright abyss

This sea is simply skin and bone. This gaze a heart cannot
be shown. I'm glad for mine I fear has dried to stone
from staring at the sun.

How have I lived so many years without sight,
How Did I overlook the perpetual night?
I shout in vain "it isn't right to see only the sun"

And those who I can't see, who's beauty lies across
the waves, where such things last for far more days
I'm blinded to for my flesh craves the brightness of the sun.

Oh God restore this heart to long for things not
found in siren's songs but in faith battle worn and strong
In grace and peace not lust adorn. 
In truth and love. my heart is torn oh vision, desire come be reborn and think not of that sun.

Don't be captivated by a flash of light.
Don't be persuaded by the promise of a night.
Don't be jaded by the lies.
Perhaps their body never satisfies because its true
we seared our eyes from looking at the sun.