Sunday, May 27, 2012

Psalm 1

By Mark Bishop

How blessed is he who follows not the words of a wicked man
who keeps his feet from treading where the sinners often stand
He will not take the seat of a scoffer

Instead he loves the way of God who's words he ponders all day long
Like an oak by a gentle stream who's roots run deep and strong
He grows by living water

And yields a faithful harvest as the season comes to him
His vibrant leaves shall not decay but life is found in every limb
Whatever this man does shall prosper

For the wicked man it is not so he's chaff swept out when strong winds blow
He will not stand before his judge instead his lot is pain and woe
There are no sinners where the righteous gather

For the way of the godly is regarded by the Lord
But He shall end the wicked's way and all that they led toward
All apart from God shall wither

Thursday, May 24, 2012


 By Mark Bishop

I've tried to run my life
and tired of the strife
I turn now to you in desperation hoping you can free this soul

A sea of days at my command
They waste away kept in my hand
And fall to earth like so much sand paying idle's toll

Even intention good and right
Has no prevention in this plight
Instead it makes a weary man grasping for control

No matter the healing
No matter the fix
No matter the feeling
My life is hidden in Christ and he must make me whole

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Where Words Fail

By Mark Bishop

All I have to offer you is less than I can bare
how can I ever hope to match your gift beyond compare

If I righted all the wrongs I've done and set the captives free
still I would need you to die for me

For what can be given to the Lord above all things?
What song can be sung to him who gave me notes to sing?
If the sky were painted over with the vic'tries of our king

Oh the half would not be told
though the sun blot out and earth grow cold
no the half would not be told
What praises can I bring?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

As God Redeems

 By Mark Bishop

Praise to God that He would gain
His glory from my guilt and shame

That simple lives he would redeem
and cast our gaze on things unseen

So when life tempts me to despair
I'll trust my future to His care

He beckons me and takes the lead
for Satan's arrow's shan't impede

The fallen light of morning star
Would show my heart encased in tar

But Christ has shown me light anew
I've come to find that this is true

From golden rays on Calvary
No shadowed form is cast by me

For life to full at last I know
No sin concealed, no shame in tow