Sunday, August 19, 2012

Once More Around These Walls

By Mark Bishop

And I, with hope and dreams not my own
bleed forth my cares before your throne
This rescue is so near and far
The sun and yet the faintest start

These thoughts echo in my head
they ring with hollow truth
They shatter on my fortress heart
Besieged by its own walls.

This city of the sick and dying
sits atop the promised land
And all my days I march around it 
yet these ramparts stand.

They laugh over this silly trek
these aimless circles run
How strong how proud they mock my course
as though You have not won.

My God you taught me how to march
and lead me to this city
You said its mortar cannot stand
that ruin would come swiftly

Oh Lord destroy this evil place 
take back your rightful crown
Sing loud upon this Jericho
and bring these high walls down