Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Disparity Gospel

By Mark Bishop

It seems so nice those words they're preaching
It goes down like honey those thoughts, their teaching
and think about the millions of lives they're reaching but for what?

I won't make suggestions on how to talk about the scripture
I'll just ask a couple questions and I hope you get the picture

The founder of our faith, Jesus Christ himself
was he born in poverty or did he have great wealth?

Is poverty the mark of one who didn't seek the Lord?
Then why does Jesus preach to the masses "blessed are the poor"?

How do we cope with a reality that's full pain and crying
when all they've taught us is a fallacy which hides the fact we're dying?

If we're all passing doesn't health fail? this can't be our forever
and if we're leaving then what use is earthly treasure?

Your best life now isn't this one if you know the God who saves
he didn't die to make you happy, he died to empty graves

So Almighty God could come and take the sinner's place
and glorify himself before a lost and broken race

You see we are a charity, our freedom was not free
oh the disparity to preach only that he
sacrificed a perfect life to build a better me

Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Sinner's Plea

By Mark Bishop

I spend most nights alone
writing a poem, thinking about life

Or trying to run away
to find a place to stay that makes more sense than this

More unhappy than most I know
or just more than they let it show

I feel the world's weight crushing
I see the clock hands rushing to douse the flame of life

And it seems a happy ending,
sorrow's mending are merely men pretending, trying to make it right.

I fear that day when I shall stand before the Lord
and give an explanation for every thought and word

I will be left with only Jesus name upon my lips
as pride, idols, and addictions from my soul he strips

I hope it is enough oh Lord to know your name
I pray it is enough to say you died to take my shame

For only your love could justify this life
because I fear I'm wasting it caught up in all this strife

Hope is so often a mystery to me
Help me in my weakness, heed this sinner's plea

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Make Belove

By Mark Bishop

I hear people talking about how this or that is hot. How he's fly and she's cute and about how much
they got. Listen up cause it's a straight shoot and maybe you'll be shot.

We can rate each other date each other or just rape each other in our minds while our soul pines for
intimacy its not easy to see but

we've all been lying if we say "I love you" but we're just trying to get away from all those days that
we just feel like crying.

If you love just for a night then did you really love at all?
Love is not a tingle or the feeling of a fall, love is not a state it's the greatest choice of all

This word has so much meaning but we lose it when we use it and we abuse it but we still refuse to
choose it day in and day out.

We've forgotten what it's about but without stopping to think we'll all just sink into this instinct of
self preservation, where our motivation is the inflation of our own ego
and please know that I'm included in all of the above
But we're a generation content with make belove.