Sunday, March 25, 2012


By Mark Bishop


Commonly mistaken for
Uncommon tolerance
Sweeps away the innocence
of those who choose to care

If the One who's very name is love
Is stricken from our signs and schools
How long until our laws are tools
Mere walls and bars to keep us fools
Chasing after endless passion

Until people are all the same
Swept away in the normalcy
Of sex, money, freedom, fame
honor, success, hidden shame

Who will rise to part these waters?
can we leave this world to our son or daughter
knowing they are only fodder for life's cruel plays
Destined to spend countless days pondering why they'd even live another?


Freedom from worth is not a right I choose to embrace
Freedom to act like everyone's right is not the same as grace 
Oh generation wake up and face the terror of indifference

Friday, March 16, 2012


By Mark Bishop

Some days it seems this fragile frame 
with tar for marrow and oil for blood does naught but hold me back
my spirit's joy confined to words who's deepest meanings lack

I cannot celebrate enough days spent awaiting my return
while I fretted away your very life and loving-kindness spurned

I almost gave up hope in life in finding favor in your eyes.
What love could you have saved for one who loved only his lies

But you saw me from afar while wind gave speed to joyous stride
It took not blows but gentile words to strip away my foolish pride

'Til that day grace was but a word an abstract thought at best
A naked word emptied of truth now its the robe in which I'm dressed

Saturday, March 10, 2012

When I Say Neigh

 By Mark Bishop

He's been trying to free this heart my pride's been killing
I don't now where he guides me so he won't find me willing

Even a donkey knows his master's voice
but I've been chomping on the bit trying to make my own choice

I don't trust the one who rides me
because he tries and refines me
when everything inside me wishes he wouldn't be so loving

wishes he cared a little less
about giving me the best
and just left me for the wreck toward which I'm going

Yet his love's enduring
and despite my swerving, jerking and being all around a bad horse
He speaks, stills my heart
and steers me back on course