Friday, January 10, 2014


By Mark Bishop

The salted breeze swept stranded cries from yonder ships just out of sight
into ears and over neck they disappeared behind the night
Then 5, 10 a hundred more they shook the hulls and mast
from those unknowingly into this maelstrom cast

Theirs was the ocean of chaos and ardur
Which calously devoured  both palm and harbor
These plights of the sojourners harried and cold
Clawed at the sails and fought my rudder to a fold

Oh to be done with this jagged horizon let me see it straight and sweet
Let the crashes and the roars find in the depths their sleep
if not for me than for those tears that deepen each briny cascade
For what sailor has by happenstance this fearsome voyage made?

On nights like tonight
as the compass needle spins
when the blue pitches and yawns mocking my desperation

I dream the world were not so fickle a place as this

But this is where I live
This water is my home
I will spend my days amidst the breakers and the foam
I like those who cry am wed with the waves and the currents
I must endure these hurricanes and fight the crashing serpents
I would leave, yes I would go if it were up to me
But my story is on this ocean
and my world is the raging sea

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